31 Days from Fear Stops to Faith Steps COURSE

Dear friend (who I wish I was having coffee with) 

Thank you so much for joining me and other friends on this journey for the weeks of September 1-October 1  as we place our yes on the table before the Lord.  I cannot wait to walk with you as we take steps from fear to faith.  I cannot wait for the adventure.

31 Days of walking through devotionals in the book of Joshua.  Video teaching from Jenn about the weekly devotional.

Community in a private Facebook Group.

2 Zoom calls for the 4-week journey.


The only thing missing is coffee together.  (Pouring you a virtual cup now)

The Journey starts the week of September 1  and goes through October 1st.  Don't worry you do not even have to remember, this fancy membership platform will send you an e-mail that first day :)

Thank you for your purchase.  Your purchase goes directly to help fund the ministry of Coming Alive Ministries.  If you would like to know more about what God allows us to do through people like you purchasing products and donating, check out www.comingaliveministries.com 

This year alone I have been able to provide trauma counseling and the hope and love of Christ in the Middle East, to tornado victims in my own home town and across the US even in the midst of the pandemic. 

So a big HUGE thank you for joining this journey and for your support with your purchase!

Ps:  If finances are an issue for you that is keeping you from purchasing this course, please e-mail me at comingaliveministries@gmail.com.  I never want finances to keep anyone from an adventure!!

4 Modules

Week 1 from Fear Stops to Faith Steps

Week One will take us on the journey of placing our yes before God.  We will stand with Joshua on the banks of the promised land in Joshua 1 and begin our journey of YES.  Looking at our fear stops and turning them into tiny brave faith steps.

Week Three: From Fear Stops to Faith Steps

Super excited to dive into week three of walking form fear stops to faith steps together on this adventure of placing our yes on the table before God.

Week Four: From Fear Stops to Faith Steps

It's our last week together.  We will continue on this journey with Joshua as we celebrate what God has taught us as we put our yes on the table and walk from fear to faith. 

Modules for this product 4
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